Yeniköy Forest

As part of the project, our students visited the Yeniköy forest, which was burning in August last year.



School trip “Peñón del Cuervo”

Yesterday’s school trip to the path of Malaga, “Peñón del Cuervo” about ecosystems and the action of man.
There is an amazing animal and plant diversity. So at first sight you can see anemones, sponges, momas, gobies or bleniums, among other living things. It is a protected biological place, for the existence the “siempreviva malagueña” (limonium malacitanium), a plant in danger of extinction.

Visit to La Virreina Park

Visit to La Virreina park in Malaga to observe ecosystems and do an orientation career.
La Virreina Park has numerous trails of low, medium or high difficulty, all of them duly signposted. These lead us to discover unsuspected views and corners.
You should know that it is possible to travel both on foot and by bike. These roads lead you through the mountain, and go climbing until you reach the top. It is from this point that you have the best views of the city.
Among the most outstanding flora of La Virreina Park we find low scrubland and native trees such as carob trees and ancient olive trees, among others.

Cell Museum

     In CEIP Blas Infante we have worked living beings. The cell is the smallest living element and is very important in our body. We have learned a lot about it by developing among all students a museum to exhibit and explain everything we have learned.

Stop by the weather

In CEIP Blas Infante we have a great concern about climate change and its effects. On September 27, 2019 we wanted to demonstrate it by joining the protests, strikes and demonstrations that worldwide called for global awareness in this matter. Together we can help.

The rule of the three “R” is just one of the initiatives that we can carry out from home to improve the current worrying situation.